Our Shop

Where Classics Come to Life

I never stopped thinking about the ideal car, all I had to do was construct a plant to build it.”

– Ferruccio Lamborghini

Welcome to Kiddy’s Classics, the ultimate destination for classic automobile restoration and maintenance. As you step into our world, you’ll immediately sense our unwavering commitment to quality and precision.

A Shop Designed for Excellence

Our shop isn’t just a workspace; it’s a meticulously crafted environment where automotive dreams become reality. Pristine bay floors, a meticulously organized layout, and a team of seasoned experts are the cornerstones of our commitment to delivering impeccable restorations and top-notch maintenance services.

Explore Our Specialized Departments

Delve deeper into our world, where precision is paramount. Our shop is thoughtfully divided into six specialized departments, each dedicated to specific aspects of restoration and maintenance. This careful division ensures that every classic vehicle entrusted to us receives the specialized attention it deserves while preventing cross-contamination between projects. With over 17,000 square feet of predominantly climate-controlled workspace, we provide the perfect shelter for your cherished automobile

For classic vehicles in need of repairs or routine maintenance, our service department has you covered. Our streamlined inspection and diagnostic process, backed by decades of hands-on experience, ensures that your vehicle stays on the road, not in the shop.

Restoration can be a messy business, but our assembly bay remains clean and separate from dust, sparks, and overspray, ensuring that your vehicle emerges spotless during the final stages.

We believe a fine finish should last, and that’s why we exclusively use the highest quality paint products. Glasurit paints and primers are professionally tested to withstand the harshest conditions, guaranteeing longevity and brilliance.

In this department, we refine the body’s details to create precise highlight lines that faithfully mirror the original designer’s intent. We understand how to achieve a sleek finish with minimal material build-up.

Proper surface preparation is vital for excellent results. Our blasting booth removes rust and provides an ideal profile for epoxy adhesion, ensuring clean welds and a strong foundation.

To build the best, you need the best foundation. We employ traditional coach-building methods and modern 3D scanning to craft, repair, and restore your vehicle’s sheet metal.   

Keeping Pace with Evolution

The world of classic vehicle care has evolved significantly over the years, and at Kiddy’s Classics, we’ve kept pace with these changes. Our expansion and consolidation of operations under one roof allow us to bring most of the repair process in-house. With six specialized departments and a dedicated team of technicians and craftsmen, we’re equipped to handle everything, from routine maintenance to custom-built creations, with precision and unwavering quality.

Experience Our Shop

Explore our shop, where classic vehicles are reborn, and craftsmanship thrives. At Kiddy’s Classics, passion meets precision.

Ready to embark on your classic car journey with us? Contact us today for inquiries, consultations, or to discuss your dream project. Let’s work together to bring your classic car vision to life.