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Setting a New Standard for classic automotive care and restoration Excellence

“The automobile is the most beautiful mechanical confection in the world. Time cannot wither it, nor custom stale its infinite variety.”

– Sir William Rootes, British automotive industry pioneer

Welcome to Kiddy’s Classics, where automotive passion meets precision craftsmanship. As the guardians of automotive history and artistry, we’re more than just a classic car restoration and maintenance shop; we’re your dedicated partners in preserving and celebrating these timeless automotive gems.
At Kiddy’s Classics, we understand that classic cars are more than just machines; they’re works of art and history. Our services are tailor-made for those who share our passion for the finer details, those who seek not just a service but a partnership in preserving and celebrating these automotive treasures.

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If you’re one who cherishes the nostalgia and elegance of classic vehicles, you’re in the right place. Our journey begins with a commitment to excellence and a deep-rooted appreciation for automotive artistry. We invite you to delve deeper into our world, where every classic car is a canvas, and every restoration is a masterpiece waiting to be crafted.

Our Shop

Discover the heart of our operations, where meticulous restoration work comes to life. Our shop is where classic cars find a new lease on life, and where every detail is perfected. From vintage classics to modern marvels, we have the expertise and passion to breathe new life into your cherished vehicles.

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Our team

Behind every masterpiece, there’s a team of dedicated artisans and technicians. Get to know the faces and stories behind Kiddy’s Classics. Our team brings decades of experience and a shared love for classic cars to every project, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

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Explore the craftsmanship that sets us apart from the rest. Our commitment to excellence isn’t just a promise; it’s a way of life. See how we redefine notions of originality and authenticity in classic car restoration. Witness the transformations that have left countless clients in awe.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Passion for Perfection: We don’t just restore cars; we craft masterpieces with an unwavering attention to detail.
  • Decades of Expertise: With decades of experience in classic car restoration, we bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and skill.
  • Your Vision, Our Priority: Collaborate closely with us to ensure your classic vehicle reflects your specific goals.
  • No Compromises: Excellence is at the core of everything we do. We never cut corners or settle for anything less than excellence.
  • Tailored Solutions: Your classic car is unique, and we’ll always provide tailored solutions to match its individual needs.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast, a collector, or someone with a treasured vintage vehicle, we invite you to experience the Kiddy’s Classics difference. Contact us today to start a conversation, schedule a consultation, or discuss your dream project. Together, we’ll bring your classic car vision to life and create a legacy that endures for generations.