Concierge Program

We make owning a classic vehicle easy and enjoyable

“Classic cars aren’t just machines; they’re a blend of artistry, history, and passion—a testament to an era of timeless elegance.”

– Shaun Kiddy

Preserving Timeless Elegance

While classic vehicles exude timeless charm, their vital systems demand routine maintenance to ensure continuous reliability. Our program is like a physical health check-up for your classic, allowing you to confidently enjoy your time behind the wheel while we handle the intricacies. Beyond basic car maintenance, we craft a personalized preventive care plan that assesses your vehicle’s current condition while also anticipating potential issues before they become major concerns.

The Benefits of the Concierge Program

Choosing our Concierge Program comes with a multitude of benefits that go beyond standard car maintenance. We are dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled classic car ownership experience that saves you time, money, and offers you peace of mind.

Exclusive Labor Rate

As part of the Concierge Program, you’ll benefit from a 5% reduced hourly service rate for all planned repairs, starting immediately after completing the CVE.

Priority Scheduling

Our goal is to keep you on the road, in the event something unexpected happens, we will make every effort to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Faster Turn Around

By fully documenting your vehicle during the evaluation process, we can order parts in advance of your vehicle arriving at our shop, putting you back in the driver’s seat as soon as possible.


Comprehensive Vehicle Evaluation (CVE)

The Foundational Step of the Concierge Program

Our CVE examines every critical aspect of your vehicle, revealing potential issues and improvement opportunities. While classic vehicles are unable to be scanned with modern computer diagnostics, we utilize specialized equipment to apply similar technology and gather the specific information needed. The data gathered during the CVE serves as the foundation for a personalized service plan for your classic vehicle. This plan isn’t just about maintenance; it serves as a strategic roadmap that aligns with your vision for your classic car. By following this roadmap, we prevent overlapping work and ensure that each repair, upgrade, or restoration step is part of a cohesive strategy.  We are more than a service garage; we aim to be your trusted partner in all your classic automotive needs.

Comprehensive Vehicle Evaluation (CVE) – $4,000.00

Request CVE for your Classic Vehicle

INCLUDES: Essential Fluid Services and Ignition Package, Detailed Inspection of All Vital Vehicle Systems Assessment of Vehicle Structure and Core Components, Deep Analysis of Engine and Drivetrain, Evaluation of Electrical Systems, Careful Examination of Suspension, Steering, and Brakes, Inspection of Interior and Exterior Assessment of Cooling, Fuel Systems, and Emissions, Thorough Check of Frame, Chassis, and Undercarriage

Important Note: The CVE is a comprehensive evaluation service and does not include actual repairs. Its primary purpose is to establish a baseline assessment of your classic car’s condition. If immediate minor repairs are needed and approved during the evaluation, we may address them without significantly extending the evaluation time. Any repair work approved during the evaluation will be invoiced at our standard hourly rate minus the Concierge discount.

Enrollment Process for the Concierge Program

Joining Kiddy’s Classics Concierge Program is a simple, hassle-free journey. Here’s how you can get started.


Initial Consultation

Request an initial consultation for the Concierge Program. Upon receiving your inquiry, we’ll schedule an initial consultation. During this conversation, we’ll delve into the specifics of your classic car, your unique needs, and your expectations. This discussion helps us gain a deep understanding of your requirements and ensures that our Concierge Program aligns perfectly with your objectives.


Schedule a Comprehensive Vehicle Evaluation (CVE)

As a fundamental component of our program, this comprehensive assessment establishes a baseline understanding of your classic car’s condition, enabling us to craft a personalized service plan tailored to your vehicle’s precise needs.


Tailoring Your Service Plan

We’ll collaborate closely with you to customize a service plan that mirrors your vision for your classic car. Whether your focus is on preservation, future restoration, or specific maintenance goals, your plan will be meticulously designed to meet your preferences and financial considerations.

By joining our Concierge Program, you’re taking the first stride toward a stress-free, cost-effective, and enjoyable classic car ownership experience. Contact us today to initiate your journey and explore the full spectrum of benefits our program offers to classic car enthusiasts.


No, we believe an extraordinary client experience should come from trust and shared standards, not contracts. That said, the CVE investment and custom care planning process does signal a mutual dedication between client and Kiddy’s Classics to maintain the vehicle long-term.

We will have a conversation on the best approach if a major issue surfaces. Our goal is to keep your vehicle healthy long-term. We may advise spreading extensive repairs over time if budgets and/or time constraints require, If this is the case we will develop a plan for you that minimizes any overlap in work.

Absolutely! Each classic vehicle you enroll will need to undergo its own CVE analysis and receive a custom service plan. Bulk pricing discounts may be available if enrolling 3+ vehicles in the program.

If minor issues are discovered during the Comprehensive Vehicle Evaluation (CVE) and approval is granted, we may address these minor repairs without significantly extending the evaluation time. However, please be aware that if more substantial repairs are identified during the CVE, you will be contacted immediately.

When you choose the Comprehensive Vehicle Evaluation (CVE) as part of our Concierge Program, you enjoy a 5% discount off our hourly service rate for all planned services, including your first repair visit. This discount is applied immediately once the CVE is completed and is an ongoing benefit of the program.

Yes, upon request, clients can receive a detailed printed summary of the evaluation findings. This summary serves as a valuable reference for your records, providing insights into your classic car’s condition and any recommendations for future maintenance or repairs. We also keep a copy of this report in your vehicle’s file with us so that we can cross-compare against any future findings.

Our Concierge Program is designed to cater to a wide range of classic cars. We work with various classic car makes and models, ensuring that owners of diverse classic vehicles can benefit from our program. Whether you have a vintage sports car, a classic sedan, or a unique collectible, our program is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Concierge Program distinguishes itself by offering classic car owners a holistic and personalized approach to care. We focus on proactive maintenance, early issue detection, and customized service plans. We go beyond standard car maintenance, helping you anticipate and prevent problems, save time and money, and enjoy peace of mind, all while preserving the legacy of your classic vehicle. Our approach combines tradition with modern expertise, providing a unique and comprehensive classic car ownership experience.

Are you ready to experience classic car ownership like never before?

Join our Concierge Program today and unlock a world of benefits designed exclusively for you and your cherished vehicle. Request your initial consultation and take the first stride toward a stress-free, cost-effective, and enjoyable classic car ownership experience.