Vehicle Evaluation

At Kiddy’s Classics, we’re passionate about preserving the legacy of classic cars, and we understand the unique needs of classic vehicle owners. Vehicle inspection and evaluation is the first step in making sure that your classic gets the care it deserves. The inspection is required on your first visit and it provides a baseline for future evaluations. The report grades every system and component, offering a comprehensive overview of the current condition of your classic vehicle and providing a way to anticipate any future issues or find the underlying issues of your immediate concerns.

Why a Detailed Evaluation is Essential

Classic cars come in various conditions, and each one presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. To provide you with an accurate quote and ensure your classic car receives the level of excellence we’re known for, we need to conduct a detailed evaluation. Here’s why:

  1. Unique Conditions: Your classic car may have unique conditions or features that affect the restoration process and cost. We want to identify these specifics.
  2. Hidden Issues: Some issues, like hidden rust or structural problems, can only be uncovered during a comprehensive evaluation. Addressing these matters early is essential.
  3. Tailored Approach: We believe in a tailored approach to restoration. Your vision for the final result, the car’s history, and your preferences all play a role in crafting the perfect plan.
  4. Precision: Our goal is perfection, and a detailed evaluation allows us to plan with precision, minimizing surprises and ensuring the quality you expect.

To schedule an evaluation service, please fill out a service request form. You can choose the Comprehensive vehicle evaluation or build your own evaluation service by choosing a la carte service options.

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Evaluation Service Offerings

Comprehensive Vehicle Evaluation - $4000.00

Our CVE is a complete health checkup for your classic vehicle, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of its current condition. This enables us to anticipate potential issues before they turn into major concerns. We then create a tailored plan with strategic scheduling to keep you ahead of potential problems, saving you from major headaches down the road. 

With a full overview of your vehicle's condition and a comprehensive estimate for both current and future repairs, you'll experience classic car ownership at its best.  When you choose this option, you'll enjoy a 5% discount off our hourly service rate for all planned services, including your first visit.

  • Essential Fluid Services and Ignition Package
  • Detailed Inspection of All Vital Vehicle Systems
  • Assessment of Vehicle Structure and Core Components
  • Deep Analysis of Engine and Drivetrain
  • Evaluation of Electrical Systems
  • Careful Examination of Suspension, Steering, and Brakes
  • Inspection of Interior and Exterior
  • Assessment of Cooling, Fuel Systems, and Emissions
  • Thorough Check of Frame, Chassis, and Undercarriage

Classic Evaluation - $500.00

Every classic vehicle entrusted to us for care is subject to a mandatory Classic Evaluation during its initial visit. Rest assured, this thorough assessment is a one-time requirement, saving you time and effort on future visits. The Classic Evaluation is designed to identify any immediate safety concerns and establish a baseline for your classic car's condition.

  • 6-mile Road Test: To assess steering, braking, handling, and overall operation.
  • Exterior Lighting Inspection: Ensuring your lights are in working order.
  • Fluid Levels Inspection: Checking all vehicle fluid levels and their condition.
  • Underhood Component Visual Inspection: Examining belts and hoses.
  • Under Vehicle Component Inspection: Evaluating steering and suspension components.
  • Complete Brake System Inspection: visual inspection and measurements of the wear items.
  • Tire Inspection: Documenting tire age, size, brand, and condition.

A la Carte Service Options

Fluid and Ignition Service Options

A la Carte Service Options - $250.00 Each

Our A la Carte Service Options allow you to customize your classic car’s care. Choose from a variety of services, including:

Lube, Oil, and Filter: Ensure your engine stays well-lubricated

Transmission Filter & Fluid Service: Maintain optimal transmission performance.

Engine Coolant Exchange: Keep your engine running at the perfect temperature.

Brake Fluid Exchange: Ensure your brakes are responsive and safe.

Ignition System Service: Optimize engine performance for smooth rides.

Rear Differential Service: Preserve rear axle functionality.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange: Keep your steering precise.

Complete Fluid & Ignition Service Package - $1500.00

Our Complete Fluid & Ignition Service Package bundles all A la Carte Service Options, saving you $250. This comprehensive package covers every essential aspect of your classic car, ensuring it runs at peak performance. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy worry-free classic car ownership.

Evaluation Service Options

A la Carte Evaluation Options

In addition to our services, we offer A la Carte Evaluation Options, including:

Engine Performance & Drivability Evaluation - $600.00: A detailed analysis, including data acquisition.

Instrument Operation Accuracy Evaluation - $250.00: Ensure your instruments function with precision.

Exterior Assessment and Rust Evaluation - $250.00: Identify exterior issues before they worsen.

Electrical & Lighting Evaluation - $225.00: Ensure all electrical components work correctly.

Vehicle Body Mechanics Evaluation - $225.00: Check for body issues and overall functionality.

Interior Function and Condition Evaluation - $225.00: Assess the interior’s condition, including rust.

Alignment Assessment - $200.00: A critical check for optimal handling.

Alignment Assessment & Adjustment - $400.00: Fine-tune your alignment for improved control.

Customized Maintenance Schedule with Logbook - $75.00: A personalized plan for regular upkeep.