Cost Calculator

Automotive Restoration Cost Calculator

“The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten”

– Henry Ford

How Much Does Automotive Restoration Cost?

At Kiddy’s Classics, we’ve spent over two decades perfecting the art of classic car restoration. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has made us a trusted name in the industry. Our restorations are a testament to uncompromising craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and a love for preserving automotive history. Our cost calculator is designed to provide insight into the investment required for a restoration that stands as a masterpiece for generations to come.

Our classic vehicle restoration cost calculator is straightforward, transparent, and reflective of the unparalleled value we offer. It is our goal to ensure clients understand that we don’t offer multiple tiers of restoration; we offer the highest level of excellence, period. Our restorations are an investment in a legacy. Use the calculator tool below to get a sense of the commitment it takes to own a classic car that’s not just restored but reborn.

Calculator Limitations

While our cost calculator offers a helpful estimate, it’s important to understand its limitations. Our commitment to excellence means that every classic car restoration we undertake is unique, and numerous factors can influence the final cost. This calculator provides a rough estimate based on general industry standards and the accuracy of the information you provide. However, a precise evaluation requires a thorough examination of your specific project.

Automotive Restoration Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

Vehicle Body

What size vehicle do you wanting to restore?
Your vehicle’s size plays a crucial role in determining the scope and cost of a restoration. To provide an accurate estimate, we ask you to select the category that best aligns with your vehicle. A precise selection helps us gauge the necessary time, materials, and specialized techniques needed for your vehicle’s restoration.
What condition is your vehicle currently in?
Selecting the current condition of your vehicle allows us to account for the required repairs and restoration work in our estimate. Choosing the status that most closely matches your vehicle’s current state ensures we factor in the appropriate level of work needed to reach the desired restored condition.
Do you have custom modifications in mind?
The planned degree of custom body modifications directly impacts the restoration complexity and budget. Please select the option that best represents the level of custom work desired, Accurately choosing the option that matches your customization goals allows us to estimate the necessary work, time and costs to achieve your vision.




Add Power Brakes
Add Seat Belts
Add Power Windows
Add Integrated Security System
Add Power Locks
Add Basic Roll Cage – Street Performance
Add Fuel Injection
Rewire the vehicle
Replicate Original Harness

Complete Total