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“Some men take good care of a car; others treat it like one of the family.”

– Evan Esar

Repair and Maintenance of your Classic Vehicle

Whether your classic is a Sunday driver or a highly detailed trailer queen, keeping your classic vehicle running smoothly is our number one priority. Through years of experience, we found that adopting a holistic approach to preventive maintenance is the first line of defense to prevent costly future repairs. Using the best tools and diagnostic equipment available, we are the ideal place for all your maintenance and repair needs. 

Complete Mechanical Service and General Repair

At Kiddy’s Classics, we understand that your classic car deserves the utmost care and attention to preserve its timeless beauty and heritage. Our commitment to excellence and passion for these iconic vehicles drive everything we do. Explore our comprehensive range of services designed to keep your classic car in peak condition.

Performance Enhancements
A/C Installation and Service
Fuel system calibrating and conversions
Metal Fabrication and Rust Repair
Metal Finishing
Bodywork and Paint
Media Blasting
Fiberglass Repair

Modern technology can greatly improve the performance and handling of almost any classic vehicle. Improvements to the suspension, braking, fuel management, and even lighting can give your vehicle a more comfortable and overall safer feel. In addition, the horsepower and torque that is available in today’s modern engines were once thought almost impossible in a daily driver application. With so many options and upgrades available, the most important thing to remember is to strive for balance when it comes to performance upgrades. In short, you determine how you want your vehicle to ride, handle, and perform and we will make it happen. If the part you need doesn’t exist, no problem! Our fully equipped fabrication department can design and fabricate anything necessary to make your vision a reality. Give us a call today and let us know how we can tailor your ride to meet your needs.

Being in South Florida, air conditioning is nearly essential if you want to enjoy cruising the roads outside of those beautiful winter months.  While kits are available for many vehicles, we have found that some custom modifications are usually required to ensure a cleaner installation and better functioning end product.  Don’t let another hot day prevent you from enjoying your classic vehicle.  Give us a call and we can discuss what options are available to maximize your comfort while driving.

Whether it is carburetion or fuel injection, we have the tooling to properly measure your system’s current performance and the knowledge to precisely determine what needs attention.  We take a comprehensive system approach to ensure all components are engineered to work together.  If you’re looking to make a change toward a fuel injection system, we are fully capable of the correct installation and setup from beginning to end.  The overall efficiency of your engine depends heavily on the ability of the air-fuel mixture to be properly balanced.  Just like a vacuum gauge and gas analyzer are necessary tools to accurately measure a carbureted engine’s performance, so are a laptop and software when it comes to fuel injection.  We’ve got you covered for all fuel systems requiring service.

The foundation of a vehicle is often the most overlooked.  Less than desirable repairs are easily hidden under layers of body filler and primer.  With over 20 years of experience stripping vehicles for restoration, we know what types of repairs last and why other methods of repair fail.  Our approach is simple, we don’t just fix the problem, we fix the source of the problem. When we complete a repair, it will look as though we were never there; the weld seam will be smooth, the contours of the original panel will be accurately measured and reproduced, and the size and depth of the spot welds will be replicated so that even the most discerning of eyes will not be able to detect where the repair was made.

We believe a vehicle should be crafted, not sculpted out of body filler.   A true automotive enthusiast knows it is what you can’t see under the paint that truly determines the quality of that vehicle. At Kiddy’s, great care is taken to accurately remove the distortion in a panel just as it was performed prior to the introduction of plastic body fillers and high-build primers. In doing so, the end repair has little to no need for additional body work. This method provides the best foundation by needing the least amount of material build-up before paint.

Shiny paint jobs are sought by all, others looking to turn heads want the final finish to be smooth and flat. However, if you are one of the few looking for a finish that raises goosebumps every time you see it, the vehicle needs to be accurately contoured.  This process requires not only an accurate foundation but also the use of panel sweeps. Our panel sweeps are similar to those used during the vehicle’s initial design stage as a clay sculpture and are intended to replicate, and sometimes accentuate the original contours of the body.  At this level, the body of the vehicle embodies what the original designers intended it to envision.  The highlight lines on the vehicle should flow consistently from front to back, and twist smoothly through any reverse curves.  Only the discerning few can appreciate a car at this level.  

We continuously push to achieve a higher level of finish with every build we do.  We strive to ensure our vehicles are crafted in a manner to which we are proud to stand behind for years to come. To achieve this, a meticulous amount of time must be spent at each phase of the build process, refining that last ten percent; this assures the final finish can be accomplished with the absolute least amount of material because any more than that would take away from what the vehicle was intended to be.

The number one cause of failure we see in a paint finish is caused by a lack of adhesion due to poor surface preparation.  If you desire a finish that will remain beautiful for years to come, we advise establishing the best foundation through media blasting the surface and top coating with Glasurit epoxy.  This combination provides a superior bond, ensuring a durable final finish.  Here at Kiddy’s, we have a dedicated blasting booth large enough to fit the entire shell of a vehicle so that every square inch of your vehicle can be efficiently prepped for top coating.  When a vehicle is restored with us, we separate the inner and outer structure of all panels at the spot welds, to expose the rust you are not able to see, which often hides inside the seams.  Once the panels are separated, we fully media blast all exposed rust, prior to reassembling the panels. While this process does add time to the total build, it is the only way to ensure a lasting finish.

While fiberglass panels are much easier to form and/or repair compared to steel or aluminum, original fiberglass is prone to cracking.  To avoid these cracks from forming special care is given to inspect and reinforce any areas of concern.  Additionally, while fiberglass itself will not rust the steel structures that fiberglass is commonly riveted over does.  The steel structure on a fiberglass vehicle is what provides structural integrity.  If rust is found while performing a fiberglass repair, we take every step needed to eliminate the rust, repair any damage to the steel structure and then coat all metal components in epoxy to prevent the rust from returning.  The epoxy coating will also improve the adhesive bond between the fiberglass and steel. 

The Process

By following these three simple steps, you can start your classic car journey with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of passionate experts dedicated to preserving its legacy.


Request an Evaluation

Every classic vehicle entrusted to us for care is subject to a mandatory evaluation during its initial visit. This evaluation involves a series of thorough inspections and tests, including a road test, under-hood and under-vehicle evaluations, brake system assessments, and more. This comprehensive examination provides us with a clear understanding of your classic car’s condition and helps us provide precise estimates for the work ahead. You can customize the inspection to focus on the service items and specific evaluation options that your classic car needs the most.


Schedule a Consultation

After you submit a request for your comprehensive evaluation, one of our team members will get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. During this call, we’ll discuss your classic car’s history, your restoration or maintenance goals, and your unique preferences. Whether it’s a routine service or a full restoration project, this consultation is where your vision takes shape. At the end of the consultation, you will be able to schedule a time for the evaluation based on your availability and our next opening.


Tailored Service Plan

With the evaluation results in hand, we create a personalized service plan that outlines the recommended maintenance or restoration steps. We’ll discuss this plan with you in detail, ensuring you’re informed every step of the way. Whether you choose individual services, an all-inclusive package, or a comprehensive evaluation, our goal is to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.


Classic vehicles, while beautifully simple in design, are complex machines that require all systems to work together for an enjoyable driving experience. Our inspections go beyond immediate concerns; we anticipate future issues. Early diagnosis saves you money. The initial inspection is only required on your first visit, providing us with a baseline for future evaluations.

Our comprehensive inspections assess your vehicle in eight key areas, including the exterior, road performance, body mechanics, electrical systems, engine compartment, brakes, undercarriage, and engine performance. We physically test, evaluate, and grade each component to establish a baseline for your vehicle.

Inspection times vary based on your vehicle’s condition and the number of issues present. After documenting the inspection findings, we compile an estimate, including part availability confirmation. On average, inspections take about one week. You’ll receive a copy of the inspection report and an estimate for recommended repairs. You have the final say in accepting or declining suggested repairs.

The inspection report grades every system and component, offering a comprehensive overview. Whether it’s good news or potential issues, our report provides peace of mind. If you decline recommended repairs, you’ll still be informed about what to monitor closely. We maintain this report for reference, ensuring efficient identification of future repairs.

We provide the inspection report and estimate in PDF format. Components are categorized as “Acceptable” (fully operational), “Needs Attention” (functioning but with future repair needs), or “Required” (critical repair needed). The estimate details the financial breakdown of each suggested repair, including labor hours and necessary parts/materials. You always have the option to accept or decline repairs; the report is yours to keep.

You can use our Evaluation Service Request form to get an estimate for the initial inspection and services that can be included with the inspection. After you submit the request form, one of our team members will schedule a phone consultation to go over your intake information and will provide a customized quote for the services that your classic vehicle needs.

Certainly! We welcome visitors to our shop, and you’re invited to observe the inspection process firsthand. It’s an excellent opportunity to witness our meticulous approach to classic vehicle evaluations.

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