Scheduled Maintenance

We want to keep your classic on the road and we stand behind that!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

– Benjamin Franklin

Preventative maintenance for Your Classic Vehicle

After your vehicle has been restored or repaired by Kiddy’s Classics, bring it in for scheduled maintenance to ensure that it continues to maintain its pristine drivability for years to come.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Collection Management

We believe vehicles are built to be driven; oftentimes when a classic vehicle starts to present issues, it is easy to park it and forget about it.  Whether you have a few classics parked in your garage at home, or a warehouse full of them, we are here to help keep them on the road and in rotation. Give us a call today to find out about our services; Ask how we can make owning multiple classics easier for you.

Scheduled Mechanical Service

Whether your classic is a Sunday driver or a highly detailed trailer queen, keeping your classic vehicle running smoothly is our number one priority. Through years of experience, we found adopting a more holistic approach to preventive maintenance is the first line of defense to prevent costly future repairs.  Using the best tools and diagnostic equipment available, we are the ideal place for all your classic vehicle maintenance needs.  From a standard minor service to a major overhaul, we have the experience and devotion to keep your classic cruising.

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