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Porsche 911 - Front Apron & Suspension Pan Repair

The nose of this car had several bad repairs made in the past. At one point, the inner support was replaced and the panel was edge welded completely around. The front pan section was welded with thick beads and the rust damage on top was covered with a thin sheet of metal brazed in place, rather than removing the rust. An aftermarket oil cooler duct was modified to fit tightly into the bottom of the front nose as well.

1964 Plymouth - Max Wedge Oil Pan Repair

This oil pan was converted to a deep sump at one point, and then crudely converted back to a standard oil pan during a restoration by another shop. The owner of the car had problems with the oil pan leaking and after having it sand blasted, brought it to us to repair the pan correctly.

1972 VW Super Beetle - Full Pan Restoration

The owner of this 1972 VW Super Beetle wanted to keep the entire car as original as possible. The only upgrade that she requested was a disc break conversion in the front. Since she plans to be driving this vehicle on a regular basis, we also decided to coat the pan on the top and bottom side so as to give the car a quieter ride plus the added protection from rock chips.

1967 VW Beetle - Front Beam Rust Repair

The bottom drain hole on standard Beetles will often get clogged with debris or insects which seem to find it to be the perfect nesting spot. This in turn, traps the moisture inside, making this a very common area of repair on most of our restorations.

1963 VW 23 Window Bus

Initial inspection of the front nose, showed a very small rust hole beginning to emerge. Most shops would merely repair the small hole, and leave it as is. We cut the entire lower front section away and revealed hidden rust. We continued to cut away the rusted areas until there was no rust remaining. New patch panels were fabricated in house to replace the cut away areas and welded on. Then the outer skin was replaced with a new purchased panel.

1972 VW Super Beetle - Rear Quarter Rust Repair

Many people believe that this section of the car rusts due to the vents on the side, but as you will see here - it's actually caused by the drain holes for the rear window. The water is channeled directly into the foam that is inside the roof and causes rust to develop. In this repair, we fixed the rust and redirected the water to prevent future issues.