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Almost every shop will tell you how good of a job they do, however several months later you find out just how good they really were. A poor quality restoration will be evident when rust starts to pop out, material "dyes back", and sand-scratches start to show through. The purpose of The Knowledge Center is to help our customers, and anyone interested in the restoration process, to better understand the do's and don'ts of restoration, metal fabrication, paint prep, and painting. We won't claim to know it all, yet we have been at this for many years. We take pride in keeping up to date with new processes, by reading trade publications, attending seminars and testing new products. We enjoy learning something new every day. We hope you enjoy the information we have available. 

Caution: NEVER attempt to try a new technique on any item unless you are willing to scrap the piece. Hopefully these articles will help you, but please do not attempt to try any of the following techniques unless you feel 100% confident it is within your skill level. These articles are to give a basic overview and may leave out some minor steps in the process. If you do not feel confident with your skill level, take it to a professional. Use this information to expand your skills, increase the quality of the projects you are working on or simply to be an informed consumer. Often times someone can make the situation worse and the repairs more costly if details are overlooked or start the repairs the wrong way. These Articles are intended to help you better understand the processes involved during a restoration so that you, as a customer, can be more informed, no matter what shop you take your car or other project to. 

Check back soon — New Articles are added on a regular basis